The facility was designed with respect for the architectural coherence of the city in terms of history and at the same time taking into account the highest quality standard, with a view to using the latest available technologies. It is a combination of aesthetic values of architecture and technologically advanced solutions. Design is subject to certification, which proves the high priority given by the investor to issues related to ecology and environmental protection.


total building area


area of a typical floor



Area of individual floors

Level 0 1226 m2

First Floor 2138 m2

2nd Floor 1934 m2

Third Floor 1751 m2

Floor 4 1694 m2

V Floor 1427 m2

6th Floor 1427 m2

7th Floor 1018 m2

8th Floor 1027 m2

The most important features of the building


Elegant entrance halls

Bike Parking

Open atrum with versatile use

High-quality materials finishing, care and attention to detail

Regular floor space for efficient office layout

Terraces accessible from offices

Variety of facades

Fully glazed facade

Green Roofs