The most important features of office spaces


Perfect lighting and a unique view

500 lux

Lighting 500 lux

Air conditioning

Ventilation and air conditioning

Office space

Modern technological and spatial solutions were used to create a functional working environment. The area of a typical floor is nearly 1,515 m2, which, with a density of approx. 8 m2 per person, allows to accommodate over 570 employees on one floor. The system of raised floors and suspended ceilings will ensure the possibility of free arrangement of space and its changes during the use of the office, adapting the space to the current needs of the tenant. 

Fully glazed façades guarantee excellent lighting of the office space, which translates into high comfort of work and optimization of electricity costs.

The most important features of office spaces

Perfect lighting and unique view

Openable windows

Rooms over 3m high

Suspended Ceilings

500 lux lighting

Ventilation and air conditioning

Cat. 6 Structured Cabling

Raised floor systems (12cm)

- for office floors 3.5 kN/m2
- for the ground floor 10 kN/m2